What is ERG Mode and how does it work?

What is ERG Mode and how does it work?

Definition of ERG- a unit of work or energy, equal to the work done by a force of one dyne when its point of application moves one centimetre in the direction of action of the force.

The VOLT™ ERG method uses a complex model of the VOLT Smart Trainer's power to calculate what resistance would be required to achieve the target power at the current speed and temperature. The resistance is adjusted to account for changes in speed and temperature to ensure the target power is met.

ERG Mode is great for sustained efforts and for best results base your intervals around cadence. Set your target power then maintain your target cadence. Sudden cadence increases and decreases will affect the stability of your trainer’s target power.  The VOLT trainer will stop searching ERG (targeted power) at 10kph and restart once the rider goes above 15kph.  Most apps will have a default built into their ERG. We suggest for a great ERG experience for the unfamiliar, use the small chain ring until becoming confident in your technique.

Suggested Technique

When the interval starts, maintain the same cadence until targeted wattage is achieved. You can adjust cadence from here in small increments. Sudden changes will affect the performance of your ERG workout.