How do I connect the JetBlack Heart Rate Monitor to my VOLT trainer?

In order to connect a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to the JetBlack VOLT EMS Smart Trainer you need to first ‘bundle’ it together with the Bluetooth signal from the VOLT. IOS devices can only connect to one Bluetooth signal at a time.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the JetBlack App
  2. Connect the VOLT trainer
  3. Once connected hit 'Next'
  4. Scroll to  'Heart rate monitor' and click '+Add'
  5. Select your BLE HRM (Connecting H/R to the trainer only works with BLE)
  6. Your selected device will appear in the 'Heart rate monitor' section
  7. GO RIDE

Your Heart rate monitor is now connected to your VOLT trainer and bundled with your VOLT BLE signal. This bundle can now be used with third party apps (Zwift, FulGaz, etc.).

If you change your trainer or HRM this process will need to be repeated.