How do I mount my bike onto the VOLT trainer?

Once you have the right setup on your trainer you are ready to mount your bike. Below we detail how to mount the quick release axle and the thru axle.

(You may need to view the previous article on unboxing and initial setup - How do I set up my VOLT trainer?)


Mounting Your Bike

Shift the chain on your bicycle to the smallest sprocket on the cassette and then remove the rear wheel. Align the bicycle’s chain with the smallest sprocket on the trainer cassette, then mount the bicycle frame onto the VOLT™ V2’s axle.

Mounting To Quick Release Axle

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 1.01.31 PM

Securely tighten the QR axle as you would on your bicycle wheel.


Here is a short video on attaching a quick release bike:


Mounting To A Thru Axle

Please follow the same mounting instructions above, then refer to the images below for mounting a thru axle frame to the JetBlack VOLT™ EMS Smart Trainer.


Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 1.01.40 PM


Here is a short video on attaching a thru axle bike: