How does Bluetooth work with the VOLT trainer?

Bluetooth works really well - most of the time. If it doesn't you may want to read a few helpers below.

The Bluetooth protocol FTMS is the most commonly used Bluetooth protocol adopted by indoor trainers. Some manufacturers use their own protocol which causes problems when using 3rd party apps. All of the major apps use FTMS for seamless connection.


Bluetooth is commonly misunderstood in capabilities. The JetBlack VOLT™ EMS Smart Trainer transmits Speed, Cadence and Power as well as Heart Rate all bundled as one BLE signal. Most devices will only accept one BLE signal except Apple TV. If your device is searching for the VOLT via Bluetooth, the device will try to connect to every Bluetooth signal available (eg. sound system, headphones, 3rd party apps, speed, cadence and power sensors). If you happen to have any other apps working in the background or even the JetBlack Cycling App open from a previous session, Bluetooth confusion will happen.

When connecting to Bluetooth devices and opening apps (including Zwift) make sure you have closed any app that may cause confusion. For a quick fix, navigate to ‘Settings’ on your phone and switch Bluetooth ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’. This will cut connection to other BLE apps, if the VOLT™ is active it will easily be recognised.