I have a problem with my VOLT, is there a troubleshooting article

If you have any issues with your JetBlack EMS Smart Trainer we may have the quick fix right here. This is our troubleshooting article.

No power to the VOLT trainer:

  • Ensure cable to power box is securely plugged in.
  • Ensure connection between power box and trainer pigtail is secure.
  • If still no LED status, please contact your supplier.


After firmware update the VOLT trainer no longer works:

  • LED shows Solid RED.
  • Reconnect to the JetBack App
    • Navigate to Settings > Firmware Update > Search Device > Look for the VOLT™ or JBOOT. (JBOOT is a default setting) connect to either and update firmware.


Loss of connection while on third party training apps:

  • Check LED Status, if showing as connected, please check app connection and proximity to the VOLT trainer.
  • Check no other BLE devices are connected to the device.
  • Check your VOLT is not connected to any other device.
  • If your trainer is showing as not connected (flashing blue) follow reconnection procedure.


Power readings outside of 2.5%:

  • Warm up the trainer for at least 10 minutes and then perform a Spin Down Calibration. For best results, repeat when the VOLT trainer is at its hottest.


VOLT trainer is vibrating whilst in use: