JetBlack VOLT V1 + V2 Firmware release 3.0

JetBlack is pleased to announce the release of firmware version 3.0 for the JetBlack VOLT Trainer.

Firmware release 3.0 Features:

  • Auto spin down calibration
  • ANT+ spin down
  • Dual Bluetooth connection
  • Improvements in power reporting speed

Update available through the JetBlack VOLT APP.


Auto Spin Down- 
How it works.

At any stage during your ride, when you stop pedalling for 5 seconds or more, the trainer will automatically calibrate itself. We see advantages in performing an auto calibration when the trainer is warmed up (after 10mins of riding, or when convenient) to update the calibration to the current riding temperature. 

There is now no longer the need to exit a 3rd party App training session to perform a manual spin down in the JetBlack App, the VOLT will automatically do it for you. We do suggest every few rides to warm the trainer up, when up to speed stop pedalling until the trainer comes to a complete stop helping the trainer to complete a gold standard Auto Calibration.  


  • No need to exit session for spin down calibration
  • No longer will you get dropped from the bunch to perform a calibration
  • Keeps the trainer accurate on longer harder rides
  • So easy to do!

Dual Bluetooth Connection 

For some users who like to connect with two training Apps while riding, this is now possible with our new dual Bluetooth (BLE) protocol. For example, using Trainer Road for ERG workouts while being connected with Zwift, Rouvy, MyWhoosh or Fulgaz for distraction. The App that connects first to the trainer controls the resistance. Life just got easier!!

 Manual ANT+ Spin Down Calibration 

Previously a manual spin down was only possible using Bluetooth. Users with an ANT+ connection can now perform a manual spin down using the ANT+ FE-C protocol.  

Power Reporting Speed

We have made small tweaks to the power reporting to make your experience that little bit better. 


COMING SOON IN NEXT RELEASE-  Smart Turn Block Bluetooth Bridge

This feature will connect the new JetBlack Smart Turn Block directly to the VOLT. The VOLT will remember and automatically reconnect to the Smart Turn Block when you reconnect. This feature frees up one Bluetooth connection for Apple TV users who want to connect other devices.  

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