Are there any safety guidelines for the VOLT trainer?

You should read the following Safe Use Guidelines before using the JetBlack VOLT™ EMS Smart Trainer. It outlines how best to avoid injury and accidents whilst using your trainer.


The JetBlack VOLT™ EMS Smart Trainer Safe Use Guidelines


  • Failure to securely attach the bicycle to the VOLT™ could result in serious injury to the rider or bystanders. The quick release skewer must be tightened firmly while bracing the bicycle. When closed firmly the lever will leave a clear imprint on the palm of your hand.
  • Check your bicycles user manual to make sure use on bicycle trainers is not excluded.
  • When using the VOLT™ keep both hands-on handlebars at all times.
  • This VOLT™ trainer is intended for single-rider bicycles only.
  • Be sure your bicycle is in good working order and fits you properly.
  • Before beginning each workout, you must check the bicycle is securely attached to the JetBlack VOLT™ EMS Smart Trainer.
  • The VOLT™ must always be used on a flat surface.
  • Do not use the VOLT™ in wet conditions; this may harm the electronics.
  • Do not put fingers, feet or dangling objects near any moving parts.
  • Do not attempt to dismount until all moving parts have stopped.
  • Do not attempt to modify your VOLT™ trainer.
  • Do not attempt to stop the resistance unit or flywheel manually.
  • The resistance-housing unit may become hot. Be careful not touch the resistance-housing until it has had sufficient time to cool.
  • Keep children and pets away from the VOLT™ trainer during use.
  • Before you start any exercise program you should consult a physician. Should you become ill, feel dizzy, light-headed or nauseous while riding the VOLT™ trainer, stop riding immediately and seek medical attention.